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About LASplash Cosmetics

Kathi Bazler founder of LASplash Cosmetics incorporated the brand in Los Angeles 1996. Kathi and her daughter, Brianna, known as the character "Mermaid Bri" from one of her fantasy children books about a mermaid and her ocean splash friends, wanted to create the most colorful, high quality cosmetics for all the gals in the world! Jon Davler, Inc., (JDI) founded in 2001 became the parent company of LASplash Cosmetics. As a leading vertical Boutique Color Cosmetics Manufacturer located in the city of Angels, JDI also provide turnkey services, private labels, and OEM.

JDI core staff has more than 30 years of experience in the cosmetics industry, which has helped us rise as a leader. Our extensive, ever growing research and product development is just one reason why we stand above and beyond other cosmetics manufacturers.

LASplash Cosmetic products are cruelty-free, gluten-free, and some of our specialty products are paraben-free. The raw materials and ingredients we use are FDA approved, purchased domestically, and formulated in our facility to maintain strict quality standards. Our cosmetics products are exported worldwide with documents issued from FDA Washington DC.

LASplash Cosmetics keeps our followers up-to-date through social media networks so you can stay notified on the fly. We welcome beauty bloggers, Youtubers, inspiring makeup artists, and content creators to apply for our lucrative Affiliate Programs. We also love collaborating with MUA, Social Media Personalities, and Celebrities to create the next trend setting color program. It is now 2017 and we have a large number of products waiting to be released. Our story has just begun! Let LASplash help you start yours today one lippie at a time.